Cast iron teapots and more …

TX-Distri (formerly known as Teaclassix) is a Tokyo Design Studio, Tokyo Design Kitchen, Edo Japan, Eigenart, Viva Scandinavia, Liiton, Livellara, PIP Studio, IZY Bottles, vtwonen, Bunzlau Castle textile and ME.


A serie of high-quality, hand molded craft cast iron teapots.

True to the Japanese 'Tetsubin' tradition, where it is used for tea ceremonies.

The taste of the tea comes into its own thanks to even heating and the tea is kept hot for much longer, so you can savour it for a longer time.

Company introduction_Teaclassix

Tokyo Design Studio

The unique series of Tokyo Design Studio are a wonderful combination of East and West. This porcelain and pottery, available in many designs and color schemes, is mainly produced in the traditional manner in Japan and does even better justice to the most delicious dishes.

Tokyo Design Kitchen offers you a wide range of accessories for the asian kitchen. A Konro grill with matching binchotan charcoal, a sushi starter kit, steamer baskets, vegetable slicers, Japanese knifes, ... everything to make a success out of your oriental meal.

EDO Japan

The various collections of EDO Japan are authentically Japanese made. You notice it immediately by their design and finish. There are articles such as rice bowls, Poké and Ramen bowls, sushi plates and sauce boats, matcha bowls, tea sets consisting of a mug, porcelain filter and tea tip, tea for ones, sake sets, ... Many of these items are available in gift boxes. The sober black gift box with the Japanese logo exudes class.

EDO Japan has also kitchen utensils and electrical devises for the Asian professional kichen.


Check out Eigenart's range of

- nice tin boxes, CASES;
- their double-walled porcelain range TEAEVE;
- EVE, the conical glass carafe made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass;
- the double-walled glass travel tea makers FLOWTEA;
- BREEZA, the handy drinking bottle made out of double-walled stainless steel;
- and the very different and fun tea strainers TEAFAN!


Livellara is a leading manufacturer of precious glassware for the table. The company was founded in 1923 and is located in Milan, Italy. Based on the highest quality standards that they apply, they belong to the top of their segment.

We have searched for a good balance within their collections and it is hard to choose between their playful, cool, classical refined and trendy series! These glasses are always wonderful on your table, no matter if youdecide for a classic or modern look.

PIP Studio

The Dutch PIP, aka Anke van der Endt, set up her own label in 2007. Pip's Studio makes everyday products, especcially things she can't find to her own liking. Her eye for detail, special finishes and layered designs ensure her products are guaranteed to bring a sparkle to everyday life. This design vision is articulated in Pip Studio's motto:

'Happy Products for Happy People'

She always raises the bar, uses the best materials and always aims for the best make. Pip isn't guided by fashion or trends or even commerce. She only does what she likes and finds beautiful, and nothing else. In the mean time the brand is sold in no less than 40 countries.

We have listed PIP's porcelain collections and associated glasses and textiles, bathroom accessories and toiletry bags, bags and home decoration. The many nice gift items in their luxury packaging are also not to be missed.


vtwonen has been the lifestyle and living top brand in the Netherlands for 55 years.
vtwonnen offers a concise and fun package of carefully thought out decorative products and timeless ivory-colored porcelain. In short everything to make your home even more beautiful.

On top of that, the brand is supported by the well-known home magazine of the same name and the TV program 'A fresh start with vtwonen' on VTM.

VIVA Scandinavia

VIVA offers the most beautifully designed tea accessories and strives to modernize tea traditions and take them to new heights. Scandinavian design should express purity and minimalism, the quality should be exceptional and the functionality innovative and well thought out.

Viva's mission: To inspire the world to relax and feel better with the perfect tea experience every time.



We know that every good whiskey deserves a reliable companion, someone who will take you to greater heights. LIITON is that companion.

Manufactured using lead-free X1 Crystalline, and with a weighted secure feel in your hand, the Peaks Glass is the one and only precision image of iconic mountains in a crystal glass. The patented Chill-Charge System™ cools your drink in seconds. Swirling your glass also encourages the release of aromas as the drink moves around the walls of the chosen mountain peak.

There are 6 different mountain top glasses: Everest, Grand Ganyon, Mont Blanc, Denali, K2 and Fuji.

Bunzlau Castle

Bunzlau Castle and Flora Castle are brands of Clip BV, a real family company in which they work on beautiful timeless products of high quality and a special appearance. The brands help to reinforce that warm cosy homely atmosphere you want to create for you and your family and your friends.

In addition to the ceramics collection, they also design and produce textiles, crystal, glassware, candles and cutlery. This with European partners from, among others, Portugal and Italy. Mostly family businesses, driven to make products with great care and of the highest quality. Not only with care for the product, but also with are for their employees.

We distribute the Bunzlau Castle kitchen textile directly from our warehouse!


The Italian family Mori founded EME Posaterie in 1974. Which means years of experience, expertise and technology in stainless steel cutlery.

They offer a very wide range of standard cutlery, cutlery with colored resin handle, different schapes, sand-blasted and vintage cutlery.

IZY Bottles

IZY Bottles are double-walled, 100% leak-proof, keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.
You have 500ml content for the standard bottles and 350ml for the children's bottles.

IZY Bottles has a very varied range. There are unicoloured matt, glossy and marbled bottles for him or for her. But you also have the 'Van Gogh' collection with beautiful prints, the bottles with plastic straws for children that they can sticker themselves and ... the bottles designed for Pip Studio.